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Supply Chain Management

We all love to talk about our strengths!

We specialize in offering bespoke solutions to your supply chain challenges and requirements from global market to ensure you are competitive enough to build brands creating value for Investors, Employees, Society and Community!

With dedicated team of professionals located in following key markets, we should offer cutting-edge solution to your product, price and time constraints:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • UAE
  • GCC

Brief on Supply Chain:

Procurement has come of age. It has become one of the foundational requirements of the successful functioning of many large organizations that are dependent on multiple products sourced through multiple vendors. Among many industries, hospitality, engineering, automobile, mobile and other industries assume greater significance with regard to procurement.

Lotus can help organizations to stick to best practices in procurement and buy right products at right price at right time to optimize investment.

We can offer you following services:

  • Market Research on product and pricing
  • Procurement services
  • Supply Chain Solution including logistics, storage, packing and branding from various markets
  • CIF Quotes for most business requirements, including Engineering and Technology products

Who We Are

Lotus is one of the leading management consulting entities based at Dubai, Middle East. The company assists SMEs to consolidate, stabilize and grow their business...

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Our Team

Lotus is formed by a core team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Our commitment to help businesses…

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