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Guiding Investors & Businesses

Our Team of Finance professionals have over 20 years of experience in managing Money and Financials, including costing and budgeting for large corporate.

Academics and expertise gained over the tenure provides financial skills and prudence required to evaluate options and business decision.

Our constant interaction with various Banks, NBFCs and Investors (equity, angel and VCs) provides us with the market information and business intelligence required to identify appropriate lending partner from extremely competitive market like UAE.

How we could add value to MSMEs:

  • Financial Feasibility Study - new ventures, existing business and exit plans
  • Revive Business
  • Mobilize Capital
  • Cost and Profit Management
  • Offer comprehensive financial products and services
  • Offer cost effective SME solutions
  • Strategies to minimize Operating cost
  • Identify Technology to drive efficiency and productivity
  • Debt Re-structuring

Lotus can effectively guide investors who may be interested in a seed capital, growth fund or equity to ensure they get maximum returns. Lotus can do the due diligence on behalf of the investors and present a detailed risk vs reward analysis report for investors to take a call.

Working Capital for SME

Getting investment is the biggest challenge for organisations who lack skills and expertise in managing business. Poor business management reflects in financial performance and staff productivity, reflecting on financial health of the organisation and sustainability of enterprise.

Team Lotus offers you following expertise and trainings to drive success:

  • Minimum skills required to manage MSME financials
  • Minimum technology adoption and deployment for cost management
  • Benefits of Technology , cost and pay back
  • Provide Training in basic business management skills through organized 2 day programme to MSME owners and Managers
  • Digital Marketing

Merger / Acquisition

Team Lotus with associates offers comprehensive services in Merger and Acquisition of enterprises. With professional valuation team with strong insights and experience, we ight from accessing right valuation to smoothly complete the merger / acquisition process to minimize risk, streamlining day-to-day operations to providing customers get consistent value, Lotus can do it all. Our services encompasses complete M/A process value chain including one-year operational program post M/A.

Cash & Capital Management

Lotus helps SMEs to manage their cash and capital diligently to ensure sustained growth is achieved. Lotus can hand hold SMEs in cash and capital management as it is one of the critical skill to succeeding in business. Poor cash and capital management can lead to liability, which can prove to be detrimental to the progress in the long run. Ensuring success of MSMEs is our primary commitment, testifying our business expertise.

Private Equity Investors

Lotus works with a pool of private equity investors who are ready to invest in SMEs on equity basis. Lotus thus helps SMEs to get equity investments and guides them to handle the investments diligently to drive growth and gain market share.

Due Diligence

With 10 of years of Corporate and Retail banking experience in UAE, Team Lotus has required knowledge and financial skills to complete financial due diligence of organisation of all sizes – large, Medium, Small and Micro!

Lotus can thoroughly audit all the facts and figures to present an accurate assessment of risks involved to ensure investors make an informed investment decision. Lotus has a team of financial experts who can conduct systematic research and verification process to ensure all the stakeholders of the financial endeavor gets accurate assessment of potential risks.

Portfolio Value Creation

All post-acquisition governance, monitoring the portfolio value creation shall be managed through best practices to ensure portfolio success. Lotus can work with partners to drive value within portfolio organizations through guidance, performance monitoring and value creation through efficient operations.

Brand Equity: We offer expertise in industry best practice driving Brands and brand equity product range, distribution channels and network.


Business insurance is one the critical business decisions to ensure unexpected loss and down-time, resulting in wide range of consequence from closure of business activity to impacting revenue and profit. Critically any impact on life has serious consequences.

Lotus has alliance with market leaders offering insurance products offering conventional and Islamic insurance to meet your business needs.

What you can insure against fire, theft and nature:

  • Human Life
  • Human health
  • Inventory
  • Assets
  • Goods in Transit

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