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Customer Loyalty & NPS

Building customer loyalty is key to achieving stability and growth in any business. In today's competitive business scenario it is important to recognize and reward loyal customers as they not only give repeat business but can also potentially bring in more customers through referrals.

Lotus can help organizations to create a well structured operational framework and analysis support to track customers' purchase frequency and reward those special customers who continue to buy your products / services repeatedly. Lotus can further help in creating and implementing special incentive programs, constantly keep those loyal customers in loop and motivate them to purchase more to get desired incentives.

Lotus has thorough experience in handling Loyalty Management programs for clients in diverse verticals such as FMCG, travel & tourism, pharma, retail, fashion, leisure, hospitality etc., Loyalty programs can work wonders in consistently building customer base. It can also help organizations to save on the customer acquisition cost.

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Lotus is one of the leading management consulting entities based at Dubai, Middle East. The company assists SMEs to consolidate, stabilize and grow their business...

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Lotus is formed by a core team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Our commitment to help businesses…

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