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Fact Sheet

Lotus & Company, registered in Dubai is a subsidiary of The Enterprise Holdings.

Logo interpretation:

Lotus symbolizes tenacity, desire to bloom, purity and grace.
Black symbolizes wealth and human desire.

Black and white also represents our commitment to transparency in single colour, either white or black and nothing in between; reiterating our corporate values in industry sensitive to integrity and simplicity!!

The Enterprise Holdings is a registered parent company in Bangalore, India.

The Enterprise Holdings was formed with a vision to create legacy institutions complementing socially critical activity, impacting discerning social changes through new technology adoption and development across sectors of interest below, in our own very small efforts.

  • Food Security – industrial farming, farm tourism, organics
  • Education – BOYD, Analytics, Technology for Education
  • Renewable Energy
  • Defence – Drone Technology

Lotus & Company with focus on advisory services to MSME segment, was founded to build Knowledge Team who can contribute to MSME eco-system by sharing Team experience, subject matter expertise, and academic intellect to accelerate growth and help adopt and sustain technology in UAE MSME landscape; a segment which can absorb contemporary scientific business knowledge and digital technology to perpetuate success and growth across verticals.

We hope to touch the lives of business owners and leaders across MSMEs, who make up more than 85% of all organisations and contribute more than 50% of UAE GDP!

Chandrashekar Saraswati

Group Founded in 2011


  • Privately owned
  • 70% owned by Promoters
  • 30% owned by Employees

Key Management:

  • Venkatramani K, MBA-Marketing, PG Diploma in Finance, B.Com - Head – Customer Strategy & Marketing
  • Mahalakshmi, CA, Head – Valuation, Cost Audit & BPO
  • Bhuvaneswari B.Com, Manager – Finance & Accounting
  • Krishna, M. Engg., University of Southampton, Head – Aviation Technology


Indraa Stratovision Private Limited
India Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
www.Indraastratovision.com – under development

Lotus Technology Trading
Automation, IT , EPV, Energy & Supply Chain Solutions

Lotus Organics Pvt. Ltd,
Organic farming, Industrial Farming, Exports, Boutique, Wholesale
www.lotusorganics.com – under development

Total Staff:
08 and growing

UAE, India, UK, USA, China and Japan


Innovate, adopt and bring new technologies to complement socially critical development endeavors for the benefit of society.

Brief History

Founders’ brush with serious business opportunity in 1992; an opportunity for self-employment and to serve society has never ceased to inspire and awe on human possibilities to learn, grow and contribute to mankind!!

After 20 years of paid job and many a learning curves, have single mindedly set up ventures to build and attempt to develop social solutions to small challenges in life viz. food, security and technology for education, renewable energy and more, all with a purpose to contribute and build a legacy!

Life Objectives:

Clearly develop and deploy technology to achieve:

  • Food security propelled by industrial & organic farming
  • Social Security driven Personal and Industrial Automation
  • National Strength and Social Peace through Military technology
  • Literacy and Skills through Technology in Education
  • Deploy Technology to harness renewable energy


With 20 years of experience in Banking, Automotive, FMCG and Technology, we have evolved to develop a reason and commitment to contribute to Society by addressing critical social challenges in current times.

In other words, we are on a Pay-Back mission. Pay-Back to society for what we have gained from Society, Heritage, Values and Culture and of course our Ancestors!!

Our Commitment to our business partners:

Working in collaboration with Client-Partners, our Vendors and Service Providers, we tailor our solutions to each Organisation duly considering their business-model based needs and position in segments and geographical markets.

With diversely qualified Team, gained exposure and expertise, we are strongly committed to deploy and invest our knowledge and business values for a pleasant & blossoming tomorrow, every day!!

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