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Insights & segmentation

One more key proprietary skills we love to talk about!

20 years of experience, through the grinds and upheavals of market certainly prepares you to think and think on your feet to any given situation!

We take comfort in team knowledge and expertise gained through the years to develop qualitative thought process and attitude offering solutions and ideas which are appreciated, tested and proved successful across products, markets and test of times!

What gives us the confidence?

Understanding customers is the key to achieving organic growth in any business. Only those organizations that follow customer-focused business practices can be expected to achieve long-term growth and sustained profitability. But understanding what drives customers to making buying decisions requires lot of research and understanding.

Lotus can provide in-depth customer insights and customer segmentation based on research and accurate analysis. Gaining customer insights and proper segmentation of customers help organizations to tailor-make their products / services to suit the preferences of the customers.

Lotus undertakes deep customer needs to help its clients identity new opportunities, streamline an existing offering to achieve better product-customer fit and thus improve profitability and market share. Lotus uses various tools and time-tested methods such as focus groups and cluster analysis to achieve desired results and thus advise clients based on the research findings.

Who We Are

Lotus is one of the leading management consulting entities based at Dubai, Middle East. The company assists SMEs to consolidate, stabilize and grow their business...

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Our Team

Lotus is formed by a core team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Our commitment to help businesses…

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